Activities and Payment

Charging for School Activities
We recognise the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities provided at the school, including clubs, educational visits, and residential experiences, can make towards the personal and social education of pupils at the school. We promote and provide such activities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils and as additional optional activities. No charges are made for any activity which forms part of the normal daily curriculum. 
Where an additional activity, of an education nature, is planned in school hours, parents will be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards all or part of the costs. In all cases, it will be made clear that the contribution is voluntary. Equally, parents will recognise that unless voluntary contributions are forthcoming, it may not be possible to fund such activities, and these activities really do contribute to the overall educational experience of the children.
The only exception is for individual or group instrumental teaching taken by teachers from outside of the school, where fees are charged.
Where an optional activity is planned outside normal school hours, we reserve the right to make a charge. This charge will be to cover costs and will be kept to a minimum.
For more information, please see our Charging and Remissions policy.
After School Activities
We have an exciting range of after school activities on offer, including a variety of sports, dance, sewing and chess. We have clubs at Worrall Road for years 3,4,5,& 6 and at Lower Redland Road for years 1 & 2. Our activities are very popular and sometimes over-subscribed.
Bookings are taken for two terms, in the term before the activity commences. Parents are notified when the bookings are due to open in our online payment system.
Booking in:
For activities in:
Term 6 Terms 1 & 2
Term 2 Terms 3 & 4
Term 4  Terms 5 & 6 
Payment is taken at the time of booking and changes can not be made once the booking is confirmed. There are occasions when an afterschool activity will need to be cancelled because of other events (e.g. Parents' Evenings) that are happening in school. 
After School Club
To register your child for the After School Club, visit their website or contact the After School Club on 0117 970 6677 or
Link to After School Club:
Online Payments for School and After-School Activities
St. John’s Primary School uses an online payment system.  This allows parents to make payment for items such as school trips and music tuition safely and quickly.  We also use this system for both the bookings and payments for after school activities.
Link to online payment system:
If you need a new password, please contact your school office.