Artists' Week House Event

27th September 2016
The children worked together in their house teams to design a St John's school mascot.The winning team from each house were able to use Scratch to animate their design. Check out the videos below! The overall winner was Team 11 from Rowling with their design 'Jonny Peacock.'  The children from this team will now be able to work with a professional animator to finalise their design which will be used throughout the school year. 

Each team had to create a speech to introduce their mascot. Team 11 for Rowling discussed the ways in which their mascot represented the school values.

“1. All of the colours are in equal amounts, this represents equality. 2. The wings can cuddle you, this represents friendship. 3. All the colours work together, which represents collaboration. 4. A peacock always stays positive so that it can impress people. 5. Peacocks are always determined to impress. 6. A peacock's colours always draw respect from others. A peacock is very impressive, just like our school.”

Rowling's winning animation by Team 11: Matthew, Theo, Hannah, Jimmy, Jamie, Barnaby, Olivia. 
Dahl's animation by Team 10: Jonathan, Bella, Joe, Nieva, Ozzie, Harry, Reggie and  Katherine. 
Morpurgo's animation by Team 10: Ali, Bella, Ismail, Coco, Kitty, Sofia, Larry, Lucy. 
Lewis's animation by Team 6: Kit, Eva, Joshua, Archie, Layla, Barney, Soumil
(unfortunately Team 6 included so much in their animation that the file was too big to upload! But here is an image of their design 'Forest'.)