Below is a list of all our current classes with a link to email the class teacher directly. Each year group has a particular theme that is used to name the classes within it. Early Years are named after the young of birds; Year 1/2 are all birds of prey; Year 3/4 are all Bristol festivals and Year 5/6 are all famous Bristolians.
 ClassYear Group  Location Email
Cygnets Early Years
Lower Redland Road
Ducklings Early Years
Lower Redland Road
Goslings Early Years
Lower Redland Road
Hawks Year 1  Lower Redland Road
Kestrels Year 1 Lower Redland Road
Falcons Year 1/2 Lower Redland Road
Harriers Year 2 Lower Redland Road
Owls Year 2  Lower Redland Road
Carnival   Year 3/4    Worrall Road 
Dragon Boats Year 3/4  Worrall Road
Hot Air Balloons Year 3/4 Worrall Road
Kites Year 3/4 Worrall Road
Worrall Road
Campbell Year 5/6 Worrall Road
Brunel Year 5/6 Worrall Road
Cabot Year 5/6 Worrall Road
Guppy Year 5/6 Worrall Road
Muller Year 5/6 Worrall Road