EYFS This Term

Term 6

‘When I Grow Up…’ is our theme this term and we launched the term with the children coming in dressed up as what job they might want to do when they are older!  We’re continuing to learn about lots of different careers this term with visits from parents talking about their jobs – please do let us know if you’d like to share your expertise with the children.  Part of thinking about growing up involves us preparing for the children’s transition to Year One so there will be lots of visits to the Year One classrooms as well as the Year One teachers coming to get to know the children.

Bristol Sport are continuing to provide weekly coaching sessions on Monday afternoons and we also have our regular PE sessions on Wednesdays.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for both sessions.  Thinking ahead to Sports Day (Wednesday 10th July), your child will need a t-shirt in their House colour.

Money, measure, shape and problem solving are our themes in Mathematics and it’s great to see the children confidently applying their number knowledge in a range of contexts.  With such an enthusiastic cohort of writers, we are expanding the children’s experience of a range of genres and they continue to impress us with the superb application of their phonic knowledge.

The grand finale of our year is a slideshow of all the happy memories of your children’s first year at school, at 3.10pm in the LRR hall – we hope to see you all there.


Term 4

The week began with a wonderful Teddy Bear's picnic and we will continue the bear theme throughout the term.

For Author's Week, we have chosen Jill Murphy as our author and we will be enjoying Peace at Last and Whatever Next, as well as many of her other exciting stories. In phonics, children are continuing to learn Set 2 sounds and we will start to introduce Set 3.  Please continue to encourage your children with their learning of Red Words at home to support your children with the reading and writing these words. We hope that you found the parent forum useful in providing guidance on this.

In mathematics, we will be exploring numbers beyond 10, with a particular focus on teen numbers.

For our 'Star of the Day' task, we will be asking children to share their cultural heritage.

We look forward to sharing all your children's successes in the forthcoming parents evening.


Term 3

We are following the children’s interest in ‘Dinosaurs’.  For their ‘Star of the Day’ task, the children have been taking home a little dinosaur for an overnight adventure and the classes have really enjoyed seeing the photos of what the creatures have been up to!

Our mathematics learning this term focuses on addition, with the children learning lots of different strategies for addition as well as starting to master ‘known facts’.  Resources to support your child’s mathematics at home are available in the ‘How to support your child’ section of the website.  There’s a parent session on maths this term which will tell you more about Early Years maths.

In phonics, we are starting to teach the Set 2 sounds from Read Write Inc. as well as building the children’s reading and comprehension skills and developing their confidence in independent writing.  Please remember that reading with your child every day is imperative and makes a huge difference to their confidence, enjoyment and ability in reading.  We’re also checking in with the children’s ‘Red Word’ knowledge; please remember to keep teaching these at home.


Term 2

Where Will Your Wellies Take You?  That’s the theme we are exploring in EYFS this term.  On the first day of term our wellies took us to Redland Green where we enjoyed scuffing, stomping and shuffling through the autumn leaves.  Our wellies will also be taking us into space, a forest and anywhere else our imaginations allow!

We are continuing with our phonics teaching programme and also teaching the children how to read simple CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words using their phonic knowledge.  Please remember to practise the letter formation at home, especially those ‘curly caterpillars’.  Our mathematics focus is on using numbers to 10 for labelling, grouping, adding and estimating. 

The children will be starting to learn songs for our Christmas performance with our music teacher, Mrs. Churchill.


Term 1

A very warm welcome to all the children and families who are joining our Early Years Foundation Stage classes this term.  We are really looking forward to getting to know you and helping you settle into life at St. John's.

Our main focus for this term is settling the children into their new classes and helping them to make friends and feel confident in their new routines.  During the staggered entry programme, all the children will get involved in some cooking, learn their way around the EYFS classrooms, go on a trip to our local church and to our Worrall Road site and have lots of time to play.  There will also be lots of opportunities for the children to make new friends and become confident in the school routines including lunches and playtimes.

Once the children start attending full time we will be following a theme around food, with lots more opportunities to cook simple dishes and hopefully visit some more local eateries.  We’ll be reading lots of favourite stories with food in, such as ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’, ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  Later in the term we will be taking part in the whole school Artists’ Week and studying the work of Andy Warhol.

The children will have their first forest school sessions later this term as well as weekly PE and music sessions.