Ethiopian Culture Week

12th January 2018

Ethiopian Culture Week 2018

 This week, children packed their bags and set off on the seven hour and twenty-seven minute flight to explore Ethiopia. Throughout the week, the children took part in a range of activities that immersed them in the Ethiopian culture. Cooking was of the highlights as children whipped up honey bread, stew and Ethiopian salad, so there have been some delicious smells wafting down the corridors! Children also turned themselves into geographers and used their geographical skills to navigate atlases to find out the location of Ethiopia, its neighbouring countries and its capital city. Please do come in and have a look at some of the eye-catching artwork that is on display. KS1 have turned themselves into Amharic experts and can now count to ten in the national language of Ethiopia!

 Our House Event was influenced by the collaborative nature of the Awra Amba tribe that we have been learning about. Children were given an image of an Ethiopian scene. They collaborated within their groups to use the jigsaw approach, and complete a part of the picture that was brought together as a whole. A huge well done to Team 2 in Rowling who wowed the judges with the detail of their picture and the confidence of their presentation.

 Ciao! (No, we haven’t got confused with Italian, ‘Ciao’ is also goodbye in Amharic!)