Ethos and Values

At St. John's we truly believe in promoting excellence, we recognise that all children are individuals and may achieve this excellence in different areas, but all are equally worthy of celebration. We also recognise our responsibility to prepare children for lifelong learning and an ability to work with others is a critical element of this. We therefore promote children's respect for themselves and also those around them. Our mission statement is:
'Working and Learning Together to Achieve Our Best'
This ethos is underpinned by 6 key Christian based values:
Each value is exemplified and explored in greater detail for one term each academic year through our assemblies. We also reward pupils for demonstrating the values in their daily lives.
We are very proud of our children's behaviour and work hard to instil self-regulation. We have a very positive approach to managing behaviour and recognise that relationships and communication are fundamental to achieving this. Specific praise, certificates and house points are used regularly, but we also recognise outstanding work effort on our termly Board of Success and outstanding playground behaviour with a special invitation to afternoon tea with the headteacher. We rarely have more significant issues in school, but when we do, we will always work with parents/carers in order to improve an individual's behaviour. For further details of our approach, please read our Behaviour Policy.
House Teams
When children join our school they are placed in to one of four House Teams:
Morpurgo              Dahl              Lewis              Rowling
Children are rewarded with house points for demonstrating one of the 6 school values. Over the course of the year we organise a range of house events, these are usually linked to specific theme weeks relating to composers, artists, authors, cultures etc. They usually involve pupils working in small groups made up of children from across the age ranges working towards creating a specific outcome. These are then judged and house points awarded accordingly, but it is the collaboration across the year groups that is really important to us.