Why the need for Fundraising?

As budgets are cut, schools are becoming increasingly dependent on their PTAs for funds.  St John's is given limited government funding for areas considered outside of the national curriculum.  There are many things such as interactive screens in classrooms, lighting at school productions, new library books, new music equipment (to name but a few), which our children would not have benefitted from without the funds raised through the PTA.

Last year, through Standing Orders (the Acorn Fund) and events such as the Christmas & Summer Fairs, School Discos, Film Nights and Cake Sales, the PTA raised over £25,000 net profit.  Over the years, this has allowed us to make significant contributions to equipment and projects deemed ‘non-essentials’ by Local Authority funding:

  • New lap tops and iPads to support changes in the curriculum around Computing and Programming (£48,000 over two years)
  • Playground improvements at LRR (c. £4,000)
  • Nexus Climbing Frame & Tree House at WR (£16,000)
  • Snug Play Equipment at LRR (£12,000)