Health and Welfare

Medicines in School

Medicines should only be brought to school when essential, i.e. where it would be detrimental to the child’s health if the medicine were not administered during the school day.

In the case of antibiotics, only those prescribed four times a day may be administered once a day at school.  If your child is on permanent medication, please discuss this with your class teacher.  Children who require inhalers should be able to administer it themselves and a spare labelled inhaler must be kept in school at all times.

Only prescribed medicines (including eye drops) in the original container and with the information sheet inside, labelled with the child’s name and dosage will be accepted in school.

All medicines (including inhalers) must be brought to the school office by a parent or carer. Medicines must never be brought to school in a child’s possession. The parent or carer is required to complete a parental agreement form at the school office for the medicine to be administered by school staff.

For more on this topic, see our Administration of Medication Policy.

First Aid
All staff are basic first aid trained.  In addition, we have multiple registered first aiders and paediatric first aiders in school.  
Health and Safety
Health and Safety checks and fire drills are carried out on a termly basis.
School Nurse
The School Health Nurse works in partnership with parents, teachers, children and families offering help and support with any emotional, behavioural, medical or physical concerns you may have.  Messages can be left for the School Health Nurses in School or at the Health Centre where the nurse is based. Parents and carers can request contact information for the School Nurse from either school office.
Sun Safety
The sun’s rays are particularly strong over the summer and they can damage children’s skin.  This may not seem like a problem right now, but sadly it can lead to skin cancer in later life.  Your child’s health and well-being are very important.

 You can help by:

  • Talking to your child about the importance of sun protection
  • Ensuring your child has sun screen on prior to coming to school. The 'Once' variety is long lasting. If your child is particularly vulnerable to the suns rays, they may bring labelled sun cream to school to apply at lunchtimes. Suncream is not to be shared.
  • Teaching your child how to apply suncream if they are applying it to themselves.
  • Sending your child to school with a hat, preferably a wide brimmed one
  • Ensuring your child wears t-shirts with sleeves for when outside
  • Ensuring your child brings a water bottle (named) to school

We will:

  • Encourage children to wear their hats when they go outside
  • Encourage children to drink more, during the school day
  • Ensure that all children are taught about the importance of sun protection
  • Remind children to use sunscreen in the summer months.
Behaviour, Bullying, Equalities and Discrimination
We take the issues of bullying and discrimination very seriously at St. John's and are proactive working to eliminate these from our school. Where issues do arise it is vital that school is made aware swiftly so that we can respond appropriately by working with parents/carers and children to address and resolve any issues. If you become aware of any issues then please talk to your child's class teacher or the year group leader at the earliest possibility. We have very clear policies on equalities, anti-bullying and behaviour, please visit our policies page for details.
Reporting Concerns about a Child
We are all responsible for the care and welfare of children.  If you are worried about a child or young person or if you and your child need some help, contact the school or call First Response Bristol on 0117 903 6444.
The Designated Child Protection Officer for the school is Mr. Justin Hoye, Headteacher.  In his absence, the deputy Designated Child Protection Officers are Mrs. Ali Vining and Mr. Tony Weir.
For more information and advice see our Safeguarding pages.
Parenting Support and Advice
Family Lives offers general parenting support and advice. Bristol City Council also provides a range of courses to support parents in being parents.
Young Carers
Young carers are invited to talk to their class teachers for support. Bristol City Council also offers support for young carers.
Children are not insured by Bristol Education Directorate for personal accidents in school.  If parents wish to take out insurance, details can be obtained from either office.