Sponsored Event News

20th July 2018

A huge thank you to everyone for supporting our Sponsored Event.

We believe we have raised a grand total of £7,698.30!!! What an amazing amount of money to end the school year on. This money will all go towards our PTA Playground Appeal. We cannot wait to see the Lower Redland Road playground in September.

Enormous thanks for your support this year, we are well on the way to being able to complete all our planned work by Summer 2019. 

Well done to all the pupils for hard work during their events, class totals below:

Class Event Total
Cygnets Scoot 507.06
Ducklings Scoot 297.05 
Goslings              Scoot  690.00
Hawks Sew  288.57 
Kestrels Sing/Silence 681.12
Falcons Silence 856.81 
Harriers Throw & Catch  588.39 
Owls Throw & Catch   680.50
Balloons Silence 362.30
Carnival Silence 417.50
Dragon Boats  Silence 260.00
Harbour Silence 374.50
Kites Silence 519.00 
Guppy Bad Hair Day 279.50
Brunel Skip a thon 155.00
Cabot No Electricity Day 467.50
Muller No Plastic Day 273.50
Special mentions to: 
Harriers - Solaria who raised £77.50 and Nathan who raised £100.00
Harbour - Cecilia who raised £83.00.
Owls - John Stephenson who raised £120.00