Regular communication from the school includes:
  • Emails from the class teacher or school office
  • Letters home in book bags, either from the class teacher or the school office
  • School Bulletins (e-mailed out every Friday)
  • News items on the website
  • Year group newsletters (published at the start of each term)
  • Parents' evenings
In the event of an emergency, parents and carers will receive a phone call and/or text from the office.  If there is time-sensitive information from the school, we will send a text. School-wide important messages (such as a weather related closure) will also appear as a banner on our website's homepage.
It is vital that parents and carers provide the school office with up to date contact information so that when we need to we can get in touch. So please remember to let us know either by phone or email to if you change your home address, phone numbers or email address.