PE Leaders

At St. John's we recognise the importance of developing not only the children's physical capabilities but also their leadership skills. Our PE leaders programme provides our children with the opportunity to work alongside coaches, teachers and peers to learn strong leadership skills that they can continue to develop as they continue to grow. 
The PE leaders are responsible for:
Organising, sorting and ensuring PE equipment is tidy in the PE cupboard.
  • Running/helping run activities at lunch/after school
  • Help organise events
  • Collect/put back class PE equipment
  • Assist class teacher in PE
  • Take part in leadership training to gain qualifications
Working alongside our PE leaders are our PE School Council. These Year 6 children have run assemblies, co-ordinate events, collect important ideas and feedback on clubs and events and become to voice our our school. 
Our Year 6 Council representatives are: Ava Birakos, Lucy Scott and Wilf Davies.
Year 3/4 PE Leaders
Year 5/6 PE Leaders