Raising Issues and Providing Feedback

If you have a specific issue or concern you wish to raise about your child, however small, then your first contact should always be with your child's class teacher. Staff are very busy before school but they will happily arrange a suitable time to see parents and appreciate being told of anything that has happened at home that may affect your child during the school day.
If you are still concerned or you feel the issue is more serious then contact the year group leader, particularly if you are concerned about bullying or discrimination. Staff may be contacted by email, however if you find you are writing more than a paragraph then it is probably more appropriate to make an appointment to have a face to face conversation. We would also ask that parents and carers consider the content of their emails carefully as there are two sides to every story and an emotionally written email is usually not the best way to resolve any issues.
We welcome any feedback or wider concerns about St. John's school, please contact your class teacher or a member of the senior leadership team; the head teacher or deputy is usually on the playground in the morning.
St. John's has a formal complaints policy, details of which can be found on our policies page.
Annually in terms 5/6, we send out a parent/carer questionnaire, which is an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to the school.