School Performance

We were inspected by Ofsted in March 2015 and we are delighted that we have been rated Outstanding in all areas, maintaining our Ofsted Outstanding rating from 2009.  The full report is available here.  
School Improvement Plan
While we are an Outstanding school with excellent results (see below), we are always pushing ourselves to achieve more.  Each year we write a School Improvement Plan which has the details of our main priority areas for improvement. The plan for 2017-18 focusses on 4 key priority areas:
  1. To improve outcomes for lower achieving pupils and those eligible for pupil premium.
  2. To improve pupil outcomes in writing across the school.
  3. To improve pupil outcomes in spelling across the school.
  4. To improve communication systems so all groups receive and access accurate and timely information in an effective manner.
Assessment Results
"All groups of pupils, including those from minority ethnic groups, make rapid progress in reading, writing and mathematics." - Ofsted report, 2015
As a school, we have a track record of high performance across the school and pupils make very good progress.
Key Stage 1
In year 1, children nationally take phonics check. In 2017, 96% of our pupils passed the check placing us in the top 6% of schools in the country.
At the end of Key Stage 1, Year 2 children are tested to evaluate their attainment and achievement in reading, mathematics, and writing.  In 2017, St John's Year 2 children continued to achieve significantly above the national average in Reading and Maths at both the expected level and at the higher greater depth level (on average 18% higher). In writing, we were still above the national average at expected but less significantly.
Key Stage 2
At the end of Key Stage 2, Year 6 children are tested over the course of a week to evaluate their attainment and achievement in reading, mathematics, and spelling, punctuation and English grammar, as well as an ongoing assessment in writing. 
Children's progress from Year 2 is the most significant measure of performance, with 0 being the national average. In 2017, our children achieved average progress scores of :
  • Reading: +2.89
  • Writing: +2.14
  • Mathematics: +2.16
This places us in the top 20% of schools nationally in all 3 subject areas.
Children receive a scaled score for their attainment in the tests at the end of Year 6 with 100 being the expected standard and 110+ being the higher greater depth standard. Our children achieved an average of 107.9 in Reading (104.1 was the national average) and 107.2 in Maths (104.2 was the national average).
The table below shows the percentage of children achieving the expected standard or above in Year 6 in 2017 compared to national and the percentage achieving the higher, greater depth standard:
  % of Pupils who met the Expected Standard % of Pupils who achieved Greater Depth
School 2017 National 2017 School 2017 National 2017
Reading 70 71 51 25
Writing 84 76 30 18
Maths 81 75 37 23
School Performance Tables
The Department for Education publish information on schools performance. This can be found at
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