Singing at St. John's

Congratulations . . . 
To our Year 2 and Junior Choirs who performed brilliantly in Clifton Down Shopping Centre today.  We raised . . . over £160 for our playground appeal.  Thanks to all of the lovely parents, grandparents and friends who came to support us.
Year 2 Singing Club (Choir)
At Lower Redland Road, a Choir practice takes place every Friday lunchtime in Terms 2, 5 and 6. This year we have performed in the Lower Redland Road playground at Christmas, in the Silly Singalong in Redland Park Church, the Winter Fair and the Summer Fair. We often join together with the KS2 singers (see below) at whole school events as we enjoy learning from the older children. It is also a good way of uniting the two sites.
Junior Singing Club 2019
Our Key Stage Two Singing Club members meet every Tuesday after school.  This year we have undertaken a range of performances including Young Voices, in Birmingham Arena as well as concerts with other schools at St. George’s and Bristol Cathedral.  During assemblies, the choir helps to lead the singing and with the teaching of new repertoire.  They also perform harmony lines during part songs and are positive singing role models for the rest of our site.
Singing Assembly
Children at both sites (Worrall Road and Lower Redland Road) take part in one dedicated singing assembly every week.  As well as learning how to use our bodies properly and how to look after our voices, we learn a wide and eclectic repertoire of songs. We are then able to sing these songs in services, house events and concerts.
Singing in Bristol
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