The Acorn Fund

You may have heard about some of the great equipment and resources that our children benefit from each day thanks to PTA funding.  The new laptops and iPads purchased for both sites (£48,000 invested over two years), playground improvements (£30,000 over the past 4 years), and interactive whiteboards for our new classrooms post-expansion (costing £4,500 each) are just a few examples of the resources that have been delivered through PTA funding.  All of these improvements represent significant cost, which would not have been feasible within the allocated school budgets.

The Acorn Fund enables us to donate to St John’s by Standing Order.  This complements our event-based fundraising as a “steady source” of funding for the school, which is so helpful these days when school budgets are being squeezed.  In addition to this, as a registered charity, the PTA is able to claim Gift Aid on all contributions made by UK tax payers, adding a further 25% to the total value of these donations! 

Because of the size of our expanded school, even small monthly donations can have a major impact on our fundraising.  When we reach our full capacity next September, we will have over 500 pupils, so a small contribution from each family could add up to a lot very quickly – for example:

If just half of parents of St. John’s School donated the price of a takeaway coffee – say £2.50 – per week for each child in their family, this could raise a massive £30,000 for St John’s – before the additional 25% from Gift Aid.

We realise that this is a big ask when prices and inflation are on the rise.  However, with school budgets being squeezed even on the essentials (staffing costs, teaching materials, training etc.), we have become more dependent on the Acorn Fund and PTA funding to ‘raise our game’.  With your support, we can continue to deliver investment in additional resources and equipment that further enhance our children’s experience at St. John’s. 

If you would like to contribute to the Acorn Fund, please complete the attached Standing Order Mandate and, if applicable, the Gift Aid Declaration.  Please return your forms to class teachers in a sealed envelope addressed to the PTA Treasurer.  All forms and donations will of course be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Donations can be set up to be monthly or one-off - there are separate forms for both options, which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.   

Many thanks for your consideration of this request.