Wall Of Success

5th October 2018
Congratulations to all the children who have their worked displayed on the Wall of Success both at Lower Redland Road and Worrall Road. Please take some time to go and have a look at their work.
Hawks - Sebby and  Sahara
Kestrels - Cinar and Sylvie
Falcons - Arthur and Orestis
Harriers - Matilda and Gabriella
Owls - Liv, Hugo, Kayah, Ajeen and Amrit
Balloons - Kevin and Molly
Carnival - Olivia H and Alec
Dragon Boats - Roke and Nathan  /  Jamie, Huw and Jonathon O
Harbour - Iga and Sofia
Kites - Hamish and James C
Guppy - Elias, Zoe and Florence W
Brunel - Sara and Jack L
Cabot - Antony and Freya M
Muller - Esme F and Musa
Campbell - Neve M and George D