Worrall Road

Our Worrall Road (WR) site is the home of our Key Stage 2 children, that's years 3, 4, 5 & 6. We currently have six classes on site. From September 2015, as the school expands, we will increase by one class per year till September 2018 when we will have 10 classes on site.  
The Deputy Head Teacher for Worrall Road is Mr. Tony Weir.  He is responsible for the day-to-day management of this site and can be contacted via the WR Office.
Worrall Road 
Tel: 0117 9030251
Getting to Worrall Road from Lower Redland Road
Our Worrall Road site is about a 5 minute walk from the Lower Redland Road site.  Simply head west from Lower Redland Road. When you reach Whiteladies Road, turn right and cross the road at the crossing slightly further up the hill. Continuing up the hill, turn first left onto Worrall Road. 
Walking directions are available here: https://goo.gl/QQrfU9 
If you are walking to the school with small children, please be aware of the garage on Lower Redland Road.  Lower Redland Road is two-way for bicycles, and one-way for vehicles to Redland Terrace.
Drop-off and pick-up procedures for Worrall Road
School hours are from 8.45 am to 3.15 pm.
In the morning, the school gates on Mornington Road and Worrall Road open at 8.30 am.  Pupils should not be left unsupervised before 8.35 am, when there is a member of staff in the playground.
School starts at 8.45 am and the gates are locked at 8.50 am.  Children arriving after 8.45 am will need to come to the main reception and will be recorded as a "late". Registration closes at 9.15 am. Children arriving after 9.15 am will be noted as an "unauthorised absence". 
At the end of the day, Key Stage 2 children are trusted to leave the building to find the adult who is collecting them. If they have not been collected by 3.30 pm, they must go to the school office so that a parent or carer can be contacted. Children in years 5 and 6 may walk home by themselves, this is a parental decision and parents/carers must sign the appropriate authorisation form available from the school office.
Pick up for after school activities is at 4:15pm and parents/carers should gain access via the car park and buzz the After School Club. If your child is attending the After School Club (ASC) then this must be booked in advance.
Other information
Entry and Exit
Outside drop-off and pick-up times, access to the junior building is only available via the main front entrance on Worral Road. Please press the buzzer to alert Mrs Packham or Mrs Attwood in the office who will release the door; we endeavour to ensure there is always someone in the office but there are occasions when this is not possible so please be patient. To leave the building, use the same main entrance; you will need to press the 'hand' button on the central door frame to release the door mechanism. If you leave via the car park entrance by the After School Club (when the gates are open), then you will need to press the big green exit button on the wall. 
Moving Around the Building
Children and adults are asked to walk around the school on the left hand side, especially on the stairs. We ask that everyone avoids walking through the hall or classrooms where children are learning to avoid disruption, alternative routes are always available. The building has many stairs which make it less convenient for those people with a buggy or disability, we will always support those in need and if you require any special arrangements then please do talk to us.
There are plenty of toilets for pupils in various locations at WR. Adult toilets are available up by the office, but there is also one along the main bottom corridor through the medical room (just near the hall).
Break Times
Morning break: 10:40-10:55am              Lunch: 12:00-1:00pm              
If appointments are essential during the school day, it would be beneficial if these were over a break time.
Playground Equipment
WR has a great outdoor space with grass, trees, cricket net, 2 sports pitches, a decked seating/performance area as well as additional playground space. The main highlights for most children are the tree house and the 2 Nexus climbing frames. These offer a great challenge for pupils who love the height and physical skills they develop to use it. Parents/carers must take note of the signs that indicate that children should only use the equipment when they are supervised, school staff undertake this role during the day but this is a parent responsibility at all other times. The tree house has a height restriction clearly indicated on it and the Nexus frames are only suitable for children over the age of 8. We also have a fantastic triple Gold Award winning garden which is very well tended by our Gardening Club, please respect this are and do not use it as a place to play.
School Lunches 
All school cooked lunches are eaten in the hall and packed lunches are either eaten in the hall, classroom or outside if the weather is fine. Some children in Years 3-6 have free school dinners, it's vitally important that these dinners are still ordered in advance via the Eden online booking system, so the right amount of food is available for the children on the day.  You can order dinners for the entire term in advance on the booking system.  If a dinner has not been ordered for a child, the WR office will call the parents/carers in the morning to request that a packed lunch is provided.
Lost Property
Please ensure all your child's clothes are clearly named and we will endeavour to return them directly to your child. Mrs Packham always has a permanant pen available if you or your child needs to re-name their clothes. If an item is lost, it will be placed in a box by Brunel Class through the central doors from the main playground.
Mobile Phones
Pupils in years 5 and 6 who walk home are allowed to bring a mobile phone to school to enable them to inform their parents of their arrival or departure. Parents/carers need to complete an authorisation form and school cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of mobile phones. Children are allowed to contact theri parents to let them know their whereabouts, but phones should not be used to take photos or play games. All phones must be handed to the class teacher upon arrival in the classroom who will lock them away until the end of the day.
Music Lessons
In addition to our specialist music teaching as part of our curriculum, parents can arrange for their child to learn an instrument at school during the school day, usually at a reduced rate. This is a great opportunity to develop new skills and we always look forward to our pupils demonstrating their talents at our annual Summer Music Concert. We have a range of instruments catered for with specialists from the Bristol Music Hub and we can support with instrument hire or purchase, again at a discount. Musical instruments must be stored during the school day in the Music Room near the ASC, children should drop their instruments off on the day of their lesson prior to the morning bell ringing. We do expect children to commit to this for a year and parents will need to give 2 full terms notice written in advance to cancel. If you are interested, please contact the office for further information.
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