Y3/4 Gallery

Year 4 had a fantastic time at PGL Hillcrest last week.  The weather was on our side and we had huge amounts of fun.
Year 3/4 created some cave paintings today using chalk.  Can you work out what they are?
Year 3/4 enjoyed their visit to Bristol Museum where they had a workshop looking at artefacts from The Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We actually got to touch real artefacts from Prehistory!
Balloons Class enjoyed a visit from Clive Pig.  They did some drama which helped them understand more about Egyptian life.  We also enjoyed making our own Canopic Jars.  We decided not to fill them with the insides of dead bodies, however.
Y3/4 visited The Redgrave Theatre at Clifton College last week.  We met the author, David Solomons who spoke to us about his new book:  Doctor Who, The Secret in Vault 13.
Y3/4 topic launch.  How to be a healthy human!
Dragonboat class doing some circuit training!
Balloons Class learning how to chop, grate and slice in preparation for making their salads.