Y1/2 This Term

Term 5: To infinity and beyond..... 

In term 5 our topic is based on space. We will be learning about the events of the moon landing, about Neil Armstrong and why he was such an important person. All of our learning will be pulled from the text 'The sea of tranquillity'. We are lucky to be able to finish our topic with an augmented reality workshop- we are excited to see what it feels like to be in space! 

Term 4 'Danger in the kingdom' 
This term our topic is centered around different endangered animals and the continents they live in. We will start our topic with an exciting topic day flowed by our animal parade. We will be going on a trip to the zoo to hear about their conservation projects and how to protect these special animals in the wild. 
Term 3
Where in the world?
This term the children are learning about the country of Botswana and how this locality compares to their own. We will be taking all of our learning from this topic. The children will be looking at features and comparing similarities and differences to living in Kenya to living in the U.K. 
In English, we will be reading 'Meerkat Mail' and using this key texts for many different writing opportunities. 
In art, we will be focusing on textiles and weaving. 
We are looking forward to having an exciting Music workshop from an African drumming company. 

Year 2 Transition to WR Meeting


Term 1: ‘Into the woods…’

Welcome to term one of Y1/2. This term is very exciting as it is the first time we are teaching this topic which is called ‘Into the woods…’.

This term our learning is based upon the text ‘Fox’ by Margret Wild and Ron Brooks. We will be kicking off our learning with an exciting team building day, thinking about how collaborate with each other and help each other. The key to this terms learning is finding similarities and differences between life in the city and life in a woodland area. We will be particularly looking at Ashdown Forest, the home of Winnie the Poo.