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St. John’s Dance Team Shines at National School Dance Competition!

On Wednesday, our talented St. John’s dance teams, the Lil Eagles (Years 3 & 4) and the Eagles (Years 5+), competed in the National School Dance Competition in Oxford. Over 36 primary school teams from across the country participated, showcasing the best young dancers.

The journey began with a fun meal at Bella Italia, providing the perfect fuel for our athletes. Upon arriving, our teams rehearsed on the prestigious stage, preparing for their big performances. After hair and makeup, they watched other outstanding dances, drawing inspiration and excitement.

When it was their turn, both teams performed with remarkable skill and enthusiasm. Their hard work paid off as both teams placed in the top half of the competition, an impressive feat given the high standard.

A highlight was meeting BBC presenter Jasmine Takhar, who offered words of encouragement.

We extend a huge thank you to the dedicated St. John’s staff for their tireless support throughout the long day. Miss Scarborough is incredibly proud of the dancers’ achievements and looks forward to building on this success next year.

Congratulations, Lil Eagles and Eagles, on making St. John’s proud!


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