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Term 5

Secret Garden

Our learning looks a little bit different this Term with much of what we are doing we will be doing from home. With the weather warming up and summer on its way we thought this is a perfect term to get into our gardens/use our daily exercise to learn all about plants. We will have plenty of opportunities to cover lots of different Science objectives: to grow different plants, learn and investigate the different parts of a plant, what a plant needs to survive and naming and identifying different tress

Our English will be linked to our topic with our key text ‘The Green Ship’ giving us lots of different writing opportunities. Our Computing will also be linked to our plant topic, exploring how to sort and organise our ideas. For D.T we will be working with and experimenting different materials designing our very own plant models.

Term 4

‘Beside the seaside’

This term our Geography Topic is based on the key objectives of human and physical features of the world. The children will learn to identify physical features such as beach, cliff, and coast, as well as human features, such as harbour and port. We will be doing lots of work with different maps, compasses and try to navigate our way around school.

In Art we will be focusing on creating line and tonal textures. Children will be working on still life drawings of natural materials to really focus on how to make light and shade.  

This term, in English, we will be using varied texts for our writing. Our first unit of writing will be to predict the end of a story. We will be using s short clip called ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ to decide what will happen to the ship when the lighthouse breaks down! Later in the term, we will look at a tradition Scottish Folk Tale called ‘Selkie’

Term 3

‘Swinging 60s’

This term we will be learning all about the 1960s and the changes that took place within the time period. We will be focusing on the changes to how we play, changes to food, changes to technology and changes to holidays. The children will be taught about timelines and to ask questions about events within living memory.  We will spend our topic listening and experimenting with lots of 60’s music and hopefully perform these songs to the wider school community.

In English we will be focusing on the book ‘Traction Man’. Through this high quality text we will be looking at how to write and innovate a story.

This term, in Art, we will be looking at and recreating our own ‘Pop Art’ with a particular focus on Roy Lichtenstein.

Term 2

‘Land Before Time’

This term we are learning about the time of Dinosaurs! Our topic lead learning will cover many different areas of the curriculum, mainly focusing on science. We will be learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The children will learn about the different classifications of animals and how you can know if something is dead, alive or has never been alive.

Within our D.T we will be designing and making our own movable dinosaur. The children will then have the opportunity to evaluate the process.

This term, our English learning will also be linked to our topic. We will be writing a setting for the ‘Land before Time’. We will also be creating a video of ‘The day the T-Rex came to St. John’s’. This will give the children great opportunity to write about the destruction the ‘T-Rex’ has caused at Lower Redland Road!

Term 1

‘Burning Bright’

This term we are looking and learning about the Great Fire of London’. Within our topic lead learning we will be covering many different curriculum subjects centred around this key theme. In Science, we will be focusing on investigating which is the best material for the roof of a toy house. This will also be incorporated with our learning in DT and the children will be given the opportunity to make our own Tudor Houses.

Our Art lessons will also be based around using varied media to create an image , come and check out our art displays!

Within English we will also be looking at traditional tales, focusing on an alternative version of The Three Little Pigs. We will be writing from the point of view of different characters, making wanted posters and recounts of the story.

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