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Sports activities and games

PE Vision Statement

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope, where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.” (Nelson Mandela)

At St. John’s Primary, we aim to provide every child with the opportunity to ‘fly high like an eagle!’ 

Our school vision for PE and School Sport is to ensure inclusion  ‘All pupils are exposed to a broad range of high quality physical activities, to help develop skills that will prepare them to make lifelong, healthy, active lifestyle choices.’ 

We are fully committed to  offer every child the opportunity to fulfil their potential and  realise the vital role that sports, and physical activity needs to play in their physical, mental and social well being. We believe that all our children should leave primary school physically literate, with a memorable experience of playing, leading and competing in a range of challenging and enjoyable active opportunities; developing sporting values, friendship and a life-long passion for physical activity and sport.

Like all subjects at St.Johns, Physical Education recognises and explores the varied experiences of the HUMANS framework that will enable our students to:

  • Have fun, explore and discover the different ways their body can work when exercising on various sporting activities
  • Build an in -depth understanding of the fitness components that form the basis of all movement in sports and physical activity. Speed, Strength, Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Stamina
  • Develop their knowledge on techniques and strategies of games and sports and build upon resilience to overcome difficulties throughout their journey
  • Learn through experience about everyday, useful routines that link to physical skills and characteristics and consequently appreciate the importance of Physical Education
  • Grow a healthy, balanced, and strong body 
  • Access opportunities for acknowledging and improving their social skills when working individually, in groups or as part of a team
  • Acquire  healthy habits with regards to exercise, eating, resting and personal hygiene leading to physical, social and emotional health
  • Polish their talent in sporting activities they excel and be offered guidance towards pursuing a career in sports. Inspire and motivate children with no particular interest in sports to develop active habits
  •  Grow certain qualities of personality and good citizenship, like sportsmanship, team-spirit, leadership, cooperation, sociability 


Winning trophy


Our curriculum and teaching is designed to offer variety, enjoyment and challenge for all children.

When children first start with us, we focus on developing the fundamental movements skills such as balance and co-ordination and our experienced EYFS team get children active and enjoying being physical.

In Years 1-6, lessons are taught by class teachers and our sports and physical development specialist teacher. As children grow, they are challenged to refine their skills and increase the level of competition against themselves, their peers and other schools. All children of all abilities will be invited to attend competitions as we aim to involve every child in sport.

Teachers use the Get Set PE scheme as well as carefully planned lessons by our PE specialist. Sports coaches from Shine,  offer expertise and specialist training in different sports as part of our after school club provision. Take a look at our PE curriculum overview documents to see what the children at St. John’s Primary School will be learning about in PE this year.

PE Curriculum Overview.docx

PE Skills Progression.docx

Early Years & KS1 Aim and Objectives.docx

KS2 Aim and Objectives.docx

Playing tennisEnrichment

At St. John’s, there are a range of opportunities, particularly in activities after school, to participate in your favourite sport or to try out a new one, from tennis to yoga.

Between teachers, Bristol Sport Foundation and specialist coaches we run a wide range of extra-curricular activities during lunchtime and after school. Many are run free of charge with the aim to enhance our school provision and improve the skills and teamwork of our children. There are also a number of other paid specialist activities which are run by outside providers – click here to see the range of after school activities.

Our sports teams regularly take part in competitions with other schools and last year we created spaces for over 350 children to take part in a school-run club and over 200 opportunities to enter competitions to compete against other schools from in and around Bristol. Our school have had many successes over the years including qualifying for many local, regional and even national competitions. While participation and sportsmanship are valued highly, there is nothing more thrilling than coming home with a trophy!

Competition Timetable T3&4

ArcherySports Premium

The Sports Premium Funding is an initiative facilitated by the government to enhance the provision of P.E. and School Sport in primary schools.

The school makes the most of this additional resource by developing a rich, varied and balanced curriculum, with enhanced resources and providing quality staff training to deliver high quality teaching and learning for all children.

It is also used to provide further exciting opportunities for all children to be challenged and allow them to compete both in and out of school.

For more detail on the impact of this funding and plans for the future click here.

P.E. Leaders

At St. John’s we recognise the importance of developing not only the children’s physical capabilities but also their leadership skills.

Our P.E. leaders programme provides our children with the opportunity to work alongside coaches, teachers and peers to learn strong leadership skills.

The PE leaders are responsible for:

  • Organising, sorting and ensuring PE equipment is tidy in the PE cupboard.
  • Running/helping run activities at lunch/after school
  • Helping to organise events
  • Collecting/returning class PE equipment
  • Assisting the class teacher in PE
  • Taking part in leadership training to gain qualifications

Working alongside our P.E. leaders are our P.E. School Council. These Year 6 children lead services (assemblies), co-ordinate events, collect important ideas and feedback on activities and events and become the voice of our school.

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