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Arches Competition Results

Thank you so much to all the children that took part in our 100 Arches competition, we saw so much creativity which was amazing!

The winners will be displayed permanently, with the runners-up being put on show for a short period of time.

WR Winners:

Gabriella & Marina, Carnival Class

WR Runners-Up:

Carys & Hayven, Carnival Class

Finna, Harvey & Zach, Kites Class

Iris & Ben, Dragonboats & Kestrels

Ieun & Ophelia, Kites Class

LRR Winners:

Faye and Rose, Hawks and Dragon Boats

LRR Runners-Up:

Deia and Bea, Harriers

Charlie and Hope, Falcons

Iris & Ben, Dragonboats & Kestrels

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