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Ducklings Belmont Trip May 2024

The Ducklings had a wonderful time at Belmont this week.  Here are a few snaps of them exploring the outdoors.

Ducklings Belmont Trip January 2024

Ducklings had an amazing time at Belmont.  The children saw lots of animals and found their tracks in the mud. Here are some photographs for you to enjoy.  

Cygnets Belmont Trip October 2023

After being at school full time for only two weeks, Cygnets Class had their first Be Wild day at Belmont Estate this week! They showed incredible stamina, curiosity and resilience during their day in the forest and got fully involved…

Ducklings Belmont Trip

Duckling had a wonderful time  on their Be Wild trip at Belmont Estate and here are some photographs to show what they got up to!

Cygnets Belmont Trip

Cygnets had their last visit of the year to Belmont Estate this week and we all marvelled at how the woodland has changed since our last visit. We heard lots of bird song, saw the new baby calves and ate…

Goslings Teddy Bear Picnic

On 19th May Goslings went on a Teddy Bear Picnic to Redland Park for their class treat. Despite light rain (what's a picnic without a little rain!), Goslings had a lovely time sharing their sandwiches with their Teddies before playing games…

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