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A Doctor visit Balloons class

  • 22nd October 2020

Balloons class had a visit from a parent who is also a doctor, she brought in a set of real human bones that her grandfather had used when he was studying medicine.  We impressed her by telling her the name…

Balloons class using an App called Virtualitee

  • 6th October 2020

These are pictures of an amazing app called Virtualitee, Balloons class had a visit from a parent who used an app and a special T-shirt to show us the inside of our bodies. We are now lucky enough to all…

Balloons class enjoying culture week

  • 10th January 2020

Balloons class have been learning how to do some Japanese fan dancing, we made our own fans to use for the dance.  We also had fun dressing up in some traditional Japanese costumes.

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