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Clifton College Maths Day

On Tuesday 28th November, four Year 6 children (Jacob D, Eunice H, Samveer S and Charlotte Y) attended a whole day maths competition at Clifton College against multiple schools around the area.

There were 16 schools in total and there were 4 rounds:

Round 1: Group Round (where the children had multiple mental arithmetic questions to answer within a time limit)

Round 2: Cross Number (where the children had to complete a maths crossword)

Round 3: Shuttle Round (where the children were in pairs and they had to answer alternate reasoning problems to crack a final code)

Round 4: Relay round (where the children raced to answer alternate questions and pass the next question to their partners to answer).

The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you to Clifton College for hosting us for the day.


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