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Half Term PE Challenge

During half term the children of St John’s participated in a ‘Half term PE Challenge’. The challenge saw the children record how far they could scoot, run, cycle or walk during the week. All the children loved the challenge and some of the distances recorded were incredible! A massive congratulations to everyone who participated but an extra big well done to Harbour class who recorded an amazing 450 miles and came away the winner!!!

St John’s PE Half Term Challenge Result

Final Leaderboard

1ST Harbour (450.25 miles)

2nd Muller (344 miles)

3rd Dragonboats (342.6 miles)

4th Kites (304.5 miles)

5th Carnival (302 miles)

6th Campbell (256 miles)

7th Guppy (216 miles)

8th Balloons (212 miles)

9th Cabot (173.5 miles)

10th Harriers (141.7 miles)

11th Brunel (120 miles)

12th Owls (112 miles)

13th Ducklings (96.8 miles)

14th Goslings (18 miles)

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