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Term Dates 2019/2020

Term 1 Monday 2nd Sept. to Friday 25th Oct. 2019
Term 2 Monday 4th Nov. to Friday 20th Dec. 2019
Term 3 Monday 6th Jan. to Friday 14th Feb. 2020
Term 4 Monday 24th Feb. to Friday 3rd Apr. 2020
Term 5 Monday 20th Apr. to Friday 22nd May 2020
Term 6 Monday 1st Jun. to Monday 20th Jul. 2020

Term Dates 2020/2021

Term 1 Tuesday 1st Sept. to Friday 23rd Oct. 2020
Term 2 Monday 2nd Nov. to Friday 18th Dec. 2020
Term 3 Monday 4th Jan. to Friday 12th Feb. 2021
Term 4 Monday 22nd Feb. to Thursday 1st April 2021
Term 5 Monday 19th April to Friday 28th May 2021
Term 6 Monday 7th June to Wednesday 21st July 2021

Inset Days 2020/2021

Tuesday 1st Sep.

Inset Days 2019/2020

Monday 2nd Sep.
Monday 4th Nov.
Monday 6th Jan.
Monday 24th Feb.
Monday 20th Jul.
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