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Y3&4 Football Tournament

Written by Theo, Buzz and Oli (Balloons class)

On Monday 10 boys from Year 3/4 went to a football tournament at Coombe Dingle run by Clifton High School.  As we entered the pitch we were very excited and nervous about the tournament.  We were warming up as the other teams arrived, then went over to Pitch 3 and looked the opponent Backwell Juniors in the eye….toot!  The whistle went and at the end we won 4-0, we smashed them!  Second match was against Westbury on Trym was the toughest match of them all, it didn’t go well and we lost 1-0.  We were frustrated, at least it wasn’t 2-0 we all said.  Third match was against Clifton High, this was easier – 7-0 simple! Fourth match against Sefton Park was intense.  We only just won this as Ben G scored a banger to finish the match and that was Oli’s match – he scored 2 goals in the match and 3-2 we won.  We took the claps!

Now all of the teams went to hear the announcement of who was going through.  We were through –  we were delighted to hear those words!  In the Semi Final against Westbury Park we were in the game and had a free kick.  Buzz got fouled, it was behind the half way line, we thought he was going for the cross.  It was 30 yards….wait a minute that’s going for top bins as Buzz whipped the ball in to the top corner!  The crowd went wild as Buzz showed us his celebration.  And Sidney finished it off with a lovely goal off a rebound. 2-0 and we were over joyed with happiness as we were into the Final.  We were very very nervous because if we lost we all did this for nothing.

Toot – the match commenced.  We were against Henleaze.  This is it!  Throughout the match Theo, Henry, Steffan and James were working hard to win the match.  Dexter and Kingsley were doing great defending and goal keeping.  He shoots he scores Sidney with a goal and Oli his assister.  The crowd cheers again as Buzz scores, I think we have won.  Toot – the match is over, whistling…clapping…cheering.  Here we come the moment of truth, the trophy…picture say cheese!

From Mr Ravenscroft (PE & Sport Lead)

Clearly it was a brilliant result to win the tournament – the boys showed some fantastic football skills!  I was equally as impressed though with the determination, teamwork and respect they demonstrated throughout the afternoon.  You should be proud of yourselves boys, well done!

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