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Y5&6 Fundraising Project

Year 5&6 Rainforest Homework Fundraising Project

Through our learning about the rainforest, the children in Year 5&6 became exceptionally passionate about keeping the rainforest and it’s wildlife safe. Because of this, the School Council helped come up with an idea to fundraise so we can donate money to the World Land Trust to save parts of the rainforest. This organisation will save an acre of the rainforest for £100.

Alongside this, the children were also moved by the situation in Ukraine and wanted to support refugees who are having to escape their homes due to conflict. Therefore, we also decided to raise money for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal/Disasters Emergency Committee.

As part of the fundraising, the children firstly participated in a sponsored walk, which was completed on the downs on 31/03/22. Between the children, they walked/ran a distance of 508.8 miles which is over 1/10 of the length of the Amazon River.

In addition to this, children were given the option of completing their own fundraising tasks at home. A total of 35 children carried out their own fundraising. Some of these included: multiple cake/plant/toy/lemonade sales, sponsored fitness activities and some additional creative ideas.

A full list of each child’s individual fundraising is listed below. The total raised from all of the fundraising inside and outside of school is an incredible £6921 however, this is looking likely to increase as money is still being collected. Well done Year 5&6 and the St John’s community. This money will make a huge difference for these charities.


Ross – cycling

Harry – cake sale

Nicholas – cycling

Ajeen – drinks sale

Lucy & Ava – books, toys and cakes

Florence – plant sale

Sion – cuddly toy sale

Solaria – bracelet sale

Charmaine & Esther – Cake sale

Lola – cycling

Carminho – bracelets


Sophie, Yassy and Annie – bake sale

Solomon – lemonade stall

Sajen – hold your breath and lemonade stall

Liv – sold bookmarks


Arthur – book sale donated from his road

Algy – rowed the width of the Amazon on his rowing machine.

Maya – cake sale to her neighbours

Joanna and Elisa – cake, lemonade and toy sale


Heidi – Cake sale, toy sale and flower sale

Jasleen – Cake and Lemonade sale

Jacob – Cake sale and swam 10k of the Amazon

Adi – Cycled one hour on the downs and completed 400 squats in 5 days.

Lucas – Ate only yellow and blue foods for one day and a cake and toy sale. 


Ollie – Cake sale

Isabel, Liliana, Susha, Edward and Daisy – Cake sale

Dougie – Cake sale

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