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Class Christmas Tree Winners

Worrall Road

Winner:  Cabot

A full but well- balanced arrangement on the tree shape. Everything recyclable and nothing prefabricated, plenty of colour and variety in the ‘stained-glass’ shapes but all blending beautifully. Lots to look at more than once.  Simple idea but very effective, and neatly carried out and presented – colourful and Christmassy themes in the pictures, high participation, everything from recyclable materials.

Runner-up:  Balloons

The biggest variety of shape and colour in the ‘Sewing’- themed ones on the tree.  Personal efforts , high participation, great variety of individual decoration and colour with a theme which also developed a skill. All well put together with and overall neat impression. Recyclable /natural materials except for tree. Perhaps that big star could have been at the top!

Lower Redland Road

Winner: Owls 

Simple idea but very effective and visually pleasing, neatly carried out and presented – colourful and Christmassy with high participation , everything from recyclable materials. We liked this because it adapted well to the brief, enabling everyone to take part, and didn’t require any ready- made props or baubles. Exemplifies St John’s ‘Together fly high like an eagle’. Presents at the base a nice touch which adds variety.

Runner-Up:  Harriers 

We especially liked these imaginative home-made decorations using pinecones. A nice touch of humour especially when they are all seen together on the tree with distribution well-balanced.

You can see pictures of them on the All Saints website:

A big well done to Cabot and Owls.

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