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Geography Week

This week, the whole school has celebrated the geography and culture of Switzerland as part of Geography Week. Children learnt about the languages spoken in Switzerland, the range of physical geography in Switzerland including its impressive mountains and lakes and many of the features that visitors to Switzerland can enjoy.

Year 5&6 children cooked traditional Swiss pancakes, year 3&4 learnt to yodel and year 1&2 children found out about Montreux.  EYFS were very lucky to have a visit from Panja the Bernese Mountain dog.  The week culminated in a house event where each year group brought their new knowledge together to create a range of maps.

House Event Winners

Year 1&2 created messy maps showing a typical Swiss village, the winners were Dahl.

Year 3&4 created a map of Switzerland that included physical geography, human geography and cultural highlights, the winners were Morpurgo.

Year 5&6 made topographic maps using plasticine to show the different elevations and added other interesting ideas such as models of cheese and chocolate!  The winners were Morpurgo.



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