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Wall of Success January 2022

Congratulations to all the children who have their work displayed on the Wall of Success both at Lower Redland Road and Worrall Road.

Cygnets – Reuben E and Clara S

Ducklings – Lydia H and Ford S

Goslings –  Leo H-R and Bea P-P

Hawks – Lola A and Dora H

Falcons -Stirling C and Holly T

Kestrels –  Ralph H and Neyli W

Harriers – Esta G and Waseem H

Owls – Delphi E and Martha S

Balloons – Kingsley C and Liam VR

Carnival – Chloe S and Dominic Z
Harbour – Samveer S, Orestis S, Marianna A and Robin B

Kites – Ardra V and Elizabeth B

Cabot – Ainsley S and Susha M

Campbell – Henry T and Elisa DJ

Brunel – Louis C and Artun C

Guppy – Lola K and Jacob S

Muller –  Daisy F and James M

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