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EYFS How to Support your Child

Here are the ‘Red Words’ that children in EYFS are expected to learn to read, then spell, by the end of the year:

EYFS Red Words for Reading and Spelling (PDF)

We have produced a guide called ‘Know Your Phonemes From Your Fred Talk’ to help you support your child’s learning in phonics:

Know Your Phonemes From Your Fred Talk! (PDF)

Please see the videos below for guidance on how to carry out the ‘Hold a Sentence’ activities at home with your child:

We run a session in Term 3 for parents to find out more about supporting their child with mathematics at home.  Below you will find the resources from the session as well as the presentation and an accompanying video.

Please remember to access the maths challenge cards which you can borrow from school.

EYFS End of Year Maths Expectations (PDF)

Maths Apps & Websites (PDF)

Maths is Everywhere (PDF)

Number Writing Sheets (PDF)

Number Track (PDF)

100 Grid (PDF)

Here are two great videos from YouTube about ‘Subitising’:

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