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Understanding your Child – The Solihull Approach


We are really excited to be able to launch our new Family Hubs virtual offer, including a new package of online learning for every parent and carer in Bristol for free! The courses have been developed by the Solihull Approach, alongside the NHS, health experts and parents too! Our mission in Bristol is for every parent in Bristol to complete the Solihull Approach – the learning is for everyone, not only for when you are struggling!

The courses cover a whole range of topics to support parents and carers through all stages of a child’s development including:

  • Pregnancy and post-pregnancy support
  • How to understand your child or teenager’s mental health
  • Help for understanding relationships
  • Support for children with additional needs

There are also courses for teenagers to help them understand their mental health and feelings.

Parents and carers can access the courses through this link Family Hubs virtual offer  or by taking these 5 simple steps:

Step one:            Go to the Solihull Approach

Step two:           Go to inourplace tab on front page

Step three:         Click on “Apply Access Code” tab

Step four:           Enter code : GROWING

Step five:            Answer the monitoring questions and add your Bristol post code ….. and you are good to go!!

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