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Stages 2024

We are excited to share some wonderful news about our school’s involvement in the vibrant world of dance!

Miss Scarborough, alongside Cheery Kraus from Ashton Park organised a magnificent dance show that brought together over 45 schools from across Bristol. With more than 1,500 dancers participating across four incredible shows over the weekend, STAGES 2024 gave many children their first experience of dances on stage.

Among the talented performers, we had three outstanding dance teams from St. John’s. Their passion, determination, and exceptional dancing talent truly stole the show.

Following their impressive performance at the Bristol dance showcase, our dancers have their sights set on another exciting opportunity—the Great Big Dance Off regional competition. Through their hard work and dedication, they have earned a spot in this event after submitting successful video entries. Stay tuned for updates on our dancers’ journey, and let us continue to celebrate the power of dance in our school community.


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