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Easter Competition Results 2024

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s Easter competition.  The winners are:
WR 1st Prize

Joint entry Eliza C (DBoats) and Isabel N (Dboats)

The hat was cleverly made , rather than using a bought one, using a form of papier mache. The brim was also created and v decorative. Lovely colours and effective use of chicks and dangling eggs. Impressive quilling patterns to create flowers.

WR 2nd Prize

Joint entry Henry F (Cabot) and Frida F (Brunel)

Clever use of  different materials eg rolled cardboards to make bunnies, matchsticks in the nest and a bunny made out of fluffy material ( rather than shop bought) Very striking and bold design

 Highly Commended

Sylvie d B (Cabot) – crotched the hat, charming design with soft colours

Lucy D (Guppy) and Grace N (Guppy)- created own shape, very clever

Megan F (DBoats) – lots of effort and time spent, creative design using a head band

Lily N (Guppy) – crotched the hat so professionally the judges thought it was shop bought.

LRR 1st Prize

Rosie (Goslings)

LRR 2nd Prize

Amelia (Kestrels)

Highly Commended

Poppy (Cygnets), Lukas (Harriers), Esther (Falcons), Artie (Owls)

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