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Eco Team Tip: Did you know that four multinational corporations control more than 50% of the world’s seed supply? As a result, we are losing a huge numbers of local seed varieties in the UK and around the world; seed varieties that are well adapted to regional conditions, variable weather and that don’t require harmful chemicals to grow.

What can we do? Buy our seeds from small, organic seed suppliers or better still, save and swap your seeds every year at the Bristol Seed Swap in February half term: Sun 12 Feb 12pm – 4pm at The Trinity Centre. Bristol Seed Swap is a local event organised by volunteers who are committed to saving, swapping and preserving local, resilient seed varieties. A free event for all the family with stalls, speakers, a café and a kid’s area. For more information visit:

Seed Swap 2023 | SeedSwap

Bristol Seed Swap event is part of a global movement of people who recognise seed swapping as an opportunity to share skills, techniques, know;edge, experience, stories, ideas, dreams. It stengthens both our biodiversity and our community.

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