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Girls Netball Team

On Tuesday the 5th of March, our Girls Netball team participated and won the U10’s girls Netball tournament organised by Clifton High School.

Here is a comment by one of our parents that represents what our school is all about:

‘On the pitch, they were exemplary. Regardless of moving positions, which they took in their strides- being happy to share, they looked like a team that had played together for years. They moved really well, making space, were calling to each other, passed the ball from end to end with ease, and their shooting was superb. It was wonderful to watch.

They deservedly won the tournament comprehensively, winning all of their matches, and by some margin.

But more than that, their sportsmanship was incredible: From time to time a player from another team may have fallen or was hurt, and it was always St John’s pupils who stopped play, asked if they were OK, and if they could help’

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