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Wall of Success March 2022

Congratulations to all the children who have their work displayed on the Wall of Success both at Lower Redland Road and Worrall Road.

Cygnets – Chloe D and Woody M

Ducklings – Max B and Izzy

Goslings –  Barnaby M and Ophelia F-J

Hawks – Eva and Avery

Falcons – Joe F-G and Jasmine B

Kestrels –  Lowen D and Rose J

Harriers – Oliver and Brittany

Owls – Hector and Rosa

Balloons – Oliver H and Theodore D

Carnival – Sidney R and Mila G-S
Harbour – Ivy S and Aiden W

Kites – Elliot G, Max B and Fred M

Cabot – Edward L and Hannah Y

Campbell – Victoria B and Clementine C

Brunel – Yasmin D and Jem D

Guppy – Victoria K and Charmaine C

Muller – Jungwoo K and Barbara M

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