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Wall of Success March 2024

Congratulations to all the children who have their work displayed on the Wall of Success both at Lower Redland Road and Worrall Road.


Ducklings – Zoe H-J and Ihnatii  K

Goslings – Rosie P

Hawks – Tancredi S and Kit H

Falcons – Clara S and Freddie M

Kestrels – Aureliano S and Felix B-C

Harriers – Uri B and Freya T

Owls – Rafferty T and Isabel B

Balloons – Oliver B and Sophie T

Carnival – The Whole Class!

Dragon Boats – Megan and Nathan
Harbour – Ottilie H and Kaiynath M

Kites – Christina W and Finn K

Cabot – Tundun B and Dexter E

Campbell – David K and Charlotte Y

Brunel – Josie A and Liam VR

Guppy – Alice, Mihan, Lilly and Samveer, Sebby, Finley & Israel

Muller – Sophia D and Miriam Beth E

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