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Climate cafés, climate anxiety and climate action

If you are feeling overwhelmed or worried by this week’s Synthesis Report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), particularly in terms of how climate change will impact young people, below are links to climate cafés and that are available in Bristol or online.

Climate cafés are safe spaces to share and explore the difficult and complex thoughts and emotions that arise around the issue of the climate and ecological crisis. They are particularly helpful for parents/carers who are concerned about the impact of climate change on young people and their future.

Climate Psychology Alliance Climate Circles

Force of Nature Climate Cafe – Patagonia Bristol – 20 April 23

Our Kids Climate also have a lot of great resources and guidance for parents on how to talk to young people about the climate crisis and support them with climate anxiety.

Our Kids Climate – How to talk to kids about the climate crisis

And finally, Parents For Future offer emotional support for parents/carers, as well as lots of ways to get involved and take action with a network of other concerned parents.

Parents for Future UK


Parents For Future

We aim to inspire parents to demand a safe climate for their kids. Formed in March 2019, by parents of youth strikers and inspired by the Fridays for Future global youth climate strikes. We support the youth in their demands for a safe future. We pledge to work locally and globally, in whatever cap

Climate Café – Bristol

A safe space to talk openly about the climate crisis, how it makes us feel and how we can turn those feelings into action✨

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