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Wall of Success March 2023

Congratulations to all the children who have their work displayed on the Wall of Success both at Lower Redland Road and Worrall Road.

Cygnets – Eleanor and Charlie

Ducklings – Faeryn and Eve

Goslings – Ronan and Leo

Hawks – Edward and Rafferty

Falcons – Matlida and Niam

Kestrels – Ophelia and Benjamin

Harriers – Shuyu  and Eva

Owls – Bolutife and Alexandra

Balloons – Pippa and Theo

Carnival – Libby and George
Harbour – Robin and Ellie

Kites – Erim and Ralph

Cabot – Laurie and Lisa

Campbell – Katherine and Seb

Brunel – Frida, Sophie and Liam

Guppy – Ajeen, Grace, Betty, Sofia and Sebby

Muller – Lauren and Elvis

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