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Eco Team News

Our Eco Team are working towards the Eco Schools Green Flag Award this year so that we can make our school more sustainable and protect our planet. Last term, as part of the award, the Worrall Road Eco Team completed an environmental audit of the school. The results were shared with the children at Worrall Road service this week and they announced their action plan for this academic year, which will focus on 3 key environmental areas: Energy, School Grounds and Litter.

As part of the action plan for our School Grounds, we will be creating / bringing back to life the school garden at Worrall Road. The plan is to build some beds to grow fruit and vegetables and improve the garden area so that it is more wildlife friendly. And a nice, relaxing place to be for the whole school community.

We will be starting work on the garden after February half term using the ‘No Dig’ gardening method which has lots of benefits; soil health, healthier plants, less weeding and good for wildlife to name a few. More information on ‘No Dig’ can be found here:

To help us set up our No Dig beds, we need lots of LARGE matt brown cardboard without labels / sellotape (with black ink is fine – but NOT shiny / gloss / colour printed). If you have any spare LARGE boxes at home (minimum size a 12 bottle wine box) and are able to bring them in to school easily, then please drop them off at reception.

We are also in need of a large amount of woodchip for creating paths around the beds. If you are a tree surgeon or know a tree surgeon who would be happy to deliver some woodchip to the school, then please get in touch at the email address below.

Also, if you have any spare gardening tools and equipment, we would be very grateful for donations for the garden. In particular we are looking for a wheelbarrow, watering cans, children’s gardening gloves and secateurs.

Finally, we are looking for parent volunteers to help us with the garden, in particular those with experience in gardening, wildlife, carpentry, compost systems. Please do get in touch if you can help in these areas or if you have any other skills or ideas. We really want to make the garden part of our whole school community so would love to hear from you.

Many thanks

Ms Allenby

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