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Year 3&4 Football Match

Match Report by Ben and Kingsley, Balloons class

On the 14th of January 2022 St. John’s played Westbury on Trym Academy at Westbury it kicked off at 16:00 the match had begun, and Ben had played Buzz threw on goal Buzz took a shot at goal, gooooaaaallll !!! 1-0 St. John’s were on fire. Westbury kicked and took a shot off at goal save by Kingsley. Kingsley booted the ball to Sidney who passed back to Ben who played the ball out to James who crossed it to Buzz and it’s a goal 2-0.

The match had started again, as Westbury drove through are attack Henry made a solid tackle to Ben who had a long shot at goal great save by the Westbury goalie St. John’s corner. Ollie crossed the ball into the box but the Westbury defender tried to header the ball out of the box but unfortunately the ball headed the other way 3-0 St Johns’ was five minutes till half time and Ben took a shot after he had won the ball back but it hit the post, but Sidney scored the rebound 4-0 half time.

Nickie brought oranges on the pitch whilst St. Johns were having a team talk the (oranges tasted great.) Westbury kicked off the second half. But St. Johns won the ball back quickly and Ben got fouled Ben stepped shot and goal what a free kick by Ben 5-0. (Kingsley was subbed out of goal for James)Then Sidney, Buzz and Ben all scored another goal the match finished 8-0 St. John’s won.

What a game!


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